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What's your Digital Maturity Quotient?

Take this fast, 1-minute quiz to diagnose any gaps in your website strategy that require immediate attention.


Have you updated your website look and feel in the last 2 years?

Do you add new content to the site at least once a month?

Which of these methods do you use to drive traffic to your website?

Brand positioning
Content marketing
Organic search (SEO)
Paid search (Adwords)
Organic Social Media Marketing
Paid Social Media Advertising
Marketing automation
Analytics and attribution

Do you have goals and funnels set up in Google analytics to measure effectiveness by traffic sources?

Do you have systems to gather customer feedback from clients on sign up, deployment/ engagement and on completion?

Have you invested in a responsive/mobile website?

Do you use a marketing automation system to nurture your leads?

Do your web forms integrate to your CRM?

Have you invested in a apps for customer acquisition, customer experience, internal collaboration or process automation?

Do you have real time dashboard with key metrics that measure the effectiveness of all your marketing channels?

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