Real Estate Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for the real estate biz

The property business is competitive – and you don’t need us to tell you that. But what we do need to tell you is that not executing the right digital marketing campaigns will leave you lagging behind other real estate companies. And who wants to lose out to competitors?


Digital marketing hacks for the busy real estate professional

When it comes to getting a customer’s attention, are you catering to the way they surf the web or chat to their friends? In other words, are you visible when your ideal customers are most present? Business owners know they need to put what they’re offering right in front of the customers’ eyes, but talking the talking and walking the walk are two different ball games.

From a website that encourages plenty of eyeball time on your listings, a mobile friendly design that works for hunters browsing on the go, to 360-degree virtual video tours of property and insightful reputable blog articles that sellers, buyers and renters turn to first for expert advice on property, there are plenty of tricks the digital trade know when it comes to marketing a real estate business.


So why not add a Marketing Superstar to your lineup?

  • The fact of the matter is – you cannot do it all alone.
  • You need the time and patience to brew creative ideas.
  • You need to see the strategy and marketing checkpoints needed to hit your targets.
  • You need to focus your efforts on nurturing relationships with current clients.
  • You need software to do the repetitive, roll over tasks like newsletter subscription emails and real estate updates while keeping your content and brand fresh.
  • You need to spend your finances wisely on the right people at the right time.

We know you don’t lack the passion, the determination or the brains to do the marketing yourself, but we’re adamant that keeping up with everything digital in the real estate space is just too hard.


Your digital marketing helping hand

A seasoned consultant, freelancer or marketing manager with extensive experience in helping business owners market their real estate company through digital forms is just the thing you need to make an impact and keep it going strong.

Perhaps you’re a boutique real estate agency feeling your feet, with too few hands or funds to get the marketing job done properly. Or maybe you’ve tried out digital marketing methods previously and have been disappointed with the results. Or even still, you have been delighted with results in the past, but were unable to sustain them over the long term.


Digital marketing help has arrived at your doorstep

Whatever reason brought you to Marketing Superstars, it’s undeniable that our flexible matchmaking service is a winning formula for business success. With the ability to custom hire a marketing pro to help with digital strategy part-time or seasonally, small and medium sized Australian real estate businesses are finally able to compete for market share and put up a fight against the bigger players.


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