‘Marketing Superstars’ was built to meet a need - to connect small business owners stunted by the results of archaic marketing tactics with the country’s brightest minds in marketing. Established by the most successful digital marketing company in Australia, we pride ourselves on helping more than 1100 clients over 10 years successfully transform their businesses with the right online marketing strategies. Knowing how important the right strategy is to the success of a business, we ensure small business owners are matched with the most appropriate marketing professionals to consult with them at a time and within a budget that suits them to make the most of the skills and insight essential to success in their industry.

Juggle Street

Inspired to collaborate with the team behind ‘Marketing Superstars’ with a strong track record in digital strategy success, Juggle Street were eager to build their emerging company from the ground up. With a multi-faceted digital solution crafted to attack every angle of online brand awareness and lead nurturing, the new business were able to establish themselves as a key player in the parenting directory industry. In fact, within the first 5 months of our partnership, Juggle Street watched their average monthly registrations double, translating into a business growth of 155% after our first campaign was executed.

Melbourne Institute of Technology

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) initially approached our team struggling to make an impact on the digital space and struggling to reach their student enrolment targets. In order to help them stay competitive against other tertiary providers, an action plan was set up for their search engine and social media marketing strategy. Within 3 months, MIT were making a noticeable dent on Google and making noise on the platforms their audiences engage with most, resulting in a 75.8% increase in conversions.

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In search of more qualified website traffic, a cross promotion strategy and content marketing to position them as thought leaders of their specialised drainage construction industry, ACO Group recruited the big guns from the team behind ‘Marketing Superstars’. After executing targeted search engine and content marketing campaigns to better shape qualified traffic, ACO watched their conversion rate skyrocket. Not only have ACO been on the receiving end of a significant growth spurt in sales, but their enquiries tally has soared, with the average engagement per page per session growing stronger.