Small Business Digital Marketing

Hack digital marketing for your small business

Think you’re too small to afford digital marketing? Think you need a team of in house marketers to get customers streaming in? Think you’ll never build your business online because you don’t have hours of extra time to dedicate to it? Think again!


With Marketing Superstars, you get digital marketing expertise from a pro for small business growth

From creating killer content on Google, Facebook and your website that gets people picking up the phone and dialing your number, to nurturing those relationships with your customers and keeping everybody happy, there is so much you have to worry about with digital marketing your small business.

The fact is, small business owners who neglect their digital marketing channels, from a killer Twitter presence to emails that never get put in the trash, are simply bowing out to their competition. It’s harsh, but it’s true. And your competitors that know how important their digital media presence is to customers are using marketing tactics to take what could easily be yours.

Small businesses know their perfect customers are browsing their Facebook feeds and liking their celebrity crush’s posts on Instagram. And small businesses that continue to grow and succeed in competitive markets from beauty salons to the retail space to your local shops around the corner all have one thing in common – they have welcomed the power of digital marketing where their customers are lurking online.


Digital marketing: a small business’ secret weapon

Whether you’re a bakery, a haberdashery or a hairdressing salon, every small business has a lot to gain from skillful digital marketing. But being small can put up barriers, like stricter cash flow that’s a gamble to invest on big marketing campaigns. Or fewer staff who have the time to learn how to use software and technology to get more sales. So we came up with a solution.


Flexible digital marketing consultants for small business owners

We created Marketing Superstars to help our small business owners, our local florist, butcher and seamstress with accessible digital marketing professionals to help a bakery or the beauty salons or one-of-a-kind retail shops to bring in more cash flow, expand their horizons and aim for bigger and better things. Whatever the dream, we wanted to make it attainable to get the help necessary regardless of business stage, size or budget.

Marketing Superstars is a network of digital marketing professionals, freelancers, managers and consultants who are passionate about helping small business owners reach their full potential online. Through their extensive experience of developing these budding Aussie businesses from the ground up, they’re ready for their next challenge. By matching small business newcomers with experts in digital marketing in your industry, you get the insight and consultancy necessary to propel your business forward.


Ready to make your move?

With Marketing Superstars, our matchmaking service is unparalleled. Gone are budget or time constraints on small business owners – now you can have digital marketing advice, strategy and constant follow up from an experienced consultant on a part-time or seasonal basis. Using proven digital marketing methods that have helped small business owners like you grasp an enviable chunk of the market, you can now take advantage of Australia’s Marketing Superstars and tap into their highly regarded insight.


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